And the winners are...

We were beyond excited to announce our 2017 grantees at our Annual Meeting (sponsored by Wells Fargo). Not only were we able to FULLY FUND all of the grant requests this year, we hit the $5 MILLION mark in grant giving!
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And the sWIFt Gift goes to...

In what’s also known as “Flash Philanthropy – WIF-style,” 2017 Annual Meeting attendees voted live, via text, to award $5,000 to one of the five runner-ups! Congratulations to Heart Math Tutoring! We’re thrilled to have such an opportunity to benefit one more very derserving non-profit. What a way to mark our $5 million milestone in grant-giving!!

Getting to Know WIF Member...

SHEILA MULLEN – Sheila approached the Women’s Impact Fund as she has done with her community experience…she researched first. Sheila firmly believes that when women get together they are very powerful, and she quickly observed how WIF positively impacted the lives of those who received its grants…


Pat's Place 2017 Spotlight Award Winner!

Women’s Impact Fund is happy and honored that former grantee Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center received 1 of 3 Spotlight Awards at WCGN‘s 6th Leadership Forum in Jacksonville, Florida, recently.  Accepting the award were WIF members Barbara Holt, Deborah Majewski, Board Chair Anne Essaye and Operations Manager Jessica Klasinski…


Women & Wisdom

A packed house turned out for “Land of Opportunity??? What’s Next for Charlotte?” Along with our event sponsor Rinehart Wealth & Investment Advisory, we were pleased to offer a platform for community stakeholders to discuss and be on the forefront of the conversation in advance of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force’s report released on March 27…

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Music to Our Ears!

“The encouragement from your group planted seeds of love within our musicians’ hearts.  They fully understand the gift your group has given them. Thank you!!!”

~ Mary Lynn Baldwin, MusicalMinds NC, 2016 grantee

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Focus on Impact

In June 2004, the Women’s Impact Fund awarded one of its very first grants as an organization to Pat’s Place. Not only was this WIF’s first grant to be awarded, it was transformational for WIF, Pat’s Place and, most importantly, for our community…

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Our Impact

The purpose of the Women’s Impact Fund is to maximize women’s leadership in philanthropy by engaging and educating our membership, increasing charitable contributions and strengthening communities through the impact of collective giving.

Lucy Murrey honors WIF and its “Impact!”

Learn more about the impact we are making by reading about our grantees, past and present, HERE.

Read more about our grant recipients in action:  Grantees in Action

More in the News: Our Mem­bers Grant Recip­i­ents Phil­an­thropy

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Thanks to the generosity of QuestionPro and its online survey platform, we are able to collect responses and distribute vital information to participants.


Meet our Members

Meet Leigh Goodwyn

“I have a conscious affinity for supporting different charities in Charlotte, and viewed Women’s Impact Fund as a way to learn about a lot of charities at one time and have an impact across many fields. Women’s Impact Fund is a wonderful way to be involved in many things…”

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Meet Jhaymee Heinlein

“As I’ve driven around to nonprofits in the area, whether professionally or as part of the site visits we’ve done through the Grants Committee, I’ve first become aware of just how many nonprofits are here and, more importantly, how much many of them have done in the relatively short period of time…”

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Meet Stephanie Chen

When asked about needs in Charlotte, Stephanie immediately points to a health issue she sees almost every day – untreated early dental decay.  She says often parents don’t have the means to get treatment for their children…

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Meet Erica Fenlon

Erica is the owner and founder of CycleSouth, uptown Charlotte’s first boutique indoor cycling (“Spin”) studio which was recently named ‘Best New Workout’ in Charlotte Magazine’s 2016 BOB awards…

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Meet Ann Caulkins

The President & Publisher of the Charlotte Observer was named the 2011 Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year. Married with two sons ages 14 and 16, she has been a WIF member since 2010…

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Meet Sharon Harrington

As Executive Director of Charlotte’s Reading Partners, she leads a non-profit that helps children become lifelong readers by providing individualized instruction with measurable results. Reading Partners envisions a future where all children will have the reading skills to reach their full potential.
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Meet Laura Maniec

“I appreciate opportunities to learn from successful people whose skillsets differ from mine, and I like to pass along my own knowledge and skills to others in turn, whether that’s through events, wine, or entertaining.”
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Meet Juanita Wade

One difference Juanita found between her current role & previous professional positions is the collective power of the group. Rather than take direction from superiors or be captive to political interests, membership in WIF “allows women to put money on the table and then sit with others to decide who gets it.”
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Meet Jane Ratteree

As a former Grants Committee chair, Jane Ratteree is a member of the Grants Leadership Team, which provides guidance and counsel and oversight to on-going grants committee work.  
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Meet Betsy Conway

While Betsy is well known in philanthropy circles, people may not know she has her own super power – a photographic memory. It’s a trait she says came in handy when she was in school. She is also a huge Tarheels fan, a tennis player and avid reader…
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Meet Karen Keatley

As a rational rather than blind optimist, Karen’s favorite quote is “Retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties, and at the same time, confront the most brutal facts of your current realities, whatever they might be.”
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