2016 Grant Recipients Announced!

Cheers to our 2016 grantees who received a record total of $437,000 in grants at our Annual Meeting on May 11…

A Warm Send Off to WIF Member...

PAM JOHNSON – Pam jumped with two feet, her heart and her outgoing spirit into the Women’s Impact Fund since joining in 2004.  And now she’s leaving us…


While the move was bittersweet, WIF has a new office in C3 Lab in SouthEnd…  

2016-17 WIF Leadership Slate Announced

Members voted to approve the 2016-2017 leadership slate during the Annual Meeting on May 11.  To see the full list of these dynamic & talented women…


Mission Moment

In 2014, the Women’s Impact Fund provided a $96,000 grant to TreesCharlotte for NeighborWoods, an innovative program established to replenish and sustain Charlotte’s tree canopy in the deforested and underserved areas of Charlotte…
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Our Impact

The purpose of the Women’s Impact Fund is to maximize women’s leadership in philanthropy by engaging and educating our membership, increasing charitable contributions and strengthening communities through the impact of collective giving.

Lucy Murrey honors WIF and its “Impact!”

Learn more about the impact we are making by reading about our grantees, past and present, HERE.

Read more about our grant recipients in action:  Grantees in Action

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Meet our Members

Meet Juanita Wade

One difference Juanita found between her current role & previous professional positions is the collective power of the group. Rather than take direction from superiors or be captive to political interests, membership in WIF “allows women to put money on the table and then sit with others to decide who gets it.”
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Meet Jane Ratteree

As a former Grants Committee chair, Jane Ratteree is a member of the Grants Leadership Team, which provides guidance and counsel and oversight to on-going grants committee work.  
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Meet Betsy Conway

While Betsy is well known in philanthropy circles, people may not know she has her own super power – a photographic memory. It’s a trait she says came in handy when she was in school. She is also a huge Tarheels fan, a tennis player and avid reader…
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Meet Pam Harris-Young

When Pam and her husband decided to launch their own businesses, they had this life-changing thought: Let’s live in a place where we really want to be.  
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Meet Karen Keatley

As a rational rather than blind optimist, Karen’s favorite quote is “Retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties, and at the same time, confront the most brutal facts of your current realities, whatever they might be.”
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Meet Cynthia Frank

“I joined the Women’s Impact Fund to learn how to give money. Serving on these committees taught me how to ask good questions…how to give money responsibly.”  
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Meet Sonja Nichols

“Most people are shocked that I ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I bought my husband his first Harley, but he didn’t have a riding buddy. So I literally took a motorcycle class at CPCC, and he bought me a bike.”
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Meet Jill Dinwiddie

When asked to describe herself, Jill Dinwiddie thinks for just a few seconds before she replies: “I am a passionate, dedicated, feminist leader.” At 74 years young, Jill has led a life of leadership in many arenas, from higher education, to government, business…
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