Getting to Know Sheila Mullen

When asked to describe WIF members as a whole, Sheila reflected, then shared how impressed she has been with the diversity, brilliance and empathy of the group. From her perspective, WIF is the premier women’s leadership opportunity in Charlotte for those who want to make a difference…

Looking Forward: Our Founders’ Perspective

As Women’s Impact Fund approaches a historic $5 million in cumulative grants, we sat down with our founders Mary Lou Babb and Claire Tate to discuss our future growth and priorities.

We soon discovered there was no need to pull out a long list of questions. We naturally landed on two core topics…

Getting to Know Leigh Goodwyn

“I have a conscious affinity for supporting different charities in Charlotte, and viewed Women’s Impact Fund as a way to learn about a lot of charities at one time and have an impact across many fields. Women’s Impact Fund is a wonderful way to be involved in many things…”

Rinehart Wealth & Investment Advisory Sponsors 2017’s Women & Wisdom

Rinehart Wealth believes strongly in giving back to the community, and it is one of the core principles of the business that Mary Rinehart founded over 30 years ago. This philanthropic focus continues today as the firm proudly donates 10 percent of profits to charitable organizations every year while as a team, associates volunteer quarterly for various charities and organization…

Women & Wisdom: Land of Opportunity??? What’s Next for Charlotte?

Brian Collier, EVP of Foundation For The Carolinas, presented on the Opportunity Task Force to nearly 200 WIF members and guests on March 14. While Collier was unable to share specific recommendations prior to the March 27 report release, he gave insights on the Task Force’s process and key determinants of economic mobility…

Getting to Know Jhaymee Heinlein

“As I’ve driven around to nonprofits in the area, whether professionally or as part of the site visits we’ve done through the Grants Committee, I’ve first become aware of just how many nonprofits are here and, more importantly, how much many of them have done in the relatively short period of time that they’ve been around.”

Getting to Know Stephanie Chen

When asked about needs in Charlotte, Stephanie immediately points to a health issue that she sees almost every day — untreated early dental decay. She says many parents don’t have the education or the means to get treatment for their children…