Strategic Goals and Objectives

On June 11, 2014, the Women’s Impact Fund adopted 8 strategic goals and objectives to guide our actions over the next several years.

1. Position WIF for Long-Term Bold Leadership on Community Issues.

2. Build on WIF’s Strong Grantmaking Process to be more Innovative and Strategic and have even Greater Impact in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

3. Establish WIF as an Organization that Develops and Positions Women as Philanthropic Leaders, Non-Profit Leaders and Community Leaders.

4. Develop a Strong Diverse Plan for Financial Sustainability for the Next Five Years.

5. Establish an Organizational Structure that supports WIF’s mission, strategic goals and success based on an analysis or organizational operation, roles and responsibilities.

6. Ensure an Organizational Culture that is aligned with mission, values and goals.

7. Assess, Strengthen and Build Systems for Member Recruitment, Engagement, Education and Retention.

8. Build a Strong Marketing and Communications Plan to Support the Above Goals.

Values Statement

With thoughtfulness and passion, we are proud to share the Values Statement. The values reflect what we believe in as an organization of women who share a passion for improving our community.


We believe in building strong relationships and meaningful friendships among women who are united in their passion for improving our community. We value the connections created among our members, grantees, and the broader community.

Explore Connections with WIF member Kim Cornelson

We believe in providing compelling education opportunities to our members, creating a membership of knowledgeable and effective philanthropists who are inspired to strengthen our community.

Explore Education with WIF member Vida Harvey

One woman, one vote. We believe in using a democratic process to select the nonprofits to which we award our grants. Each member makes an equal contribution to our grant pool and each member has an equal vote in awarding our grants.

Explore Equality with WIF member Mary Sherrill Ware

We believe in being an actively diverse and inclusive organization. We welcome all women who wish to join.


We believe our organization should provide bold leadership on emerging issues and critical needs in our community and be a pipeline for philanthropic, nonprofit, and community leaders


We believe in being responsible and thoughtful stewards of our human and financial resources and holding ourselves accountable to the same standards to which we hold our grantees.

Explore Stewardship with WIF member Tiffany Graham
Strategic Impact

We believe in achieving strategic impact by harnessing the power of our collective intellectual and financial resources and by collaborating with other community organizations. We believe our organization should be part of the long-term solutions for our community.

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