Exploring WIF Values: Equality

By Mary Sherrill Ware

The fact that each member makes an equal contribution to the grant pool and has an equal vote in awarding grants is one of the many reasons why Women’s Impact Fund (WIF) is a special organization. In many organizations, decisions are made by a select few versus a majority vote. Regardless of your title, tenure or time spent volunteering with WIF, your vote as to which non-profit project WIF should select for investment carries the same weight mary sherrill wareand value.

Think about it:

Title – Whether you’re CEO of a company or you’re CEO of your household, your WIF grant
vote has the same impact.
Tenure – Whether you’ve a lifelong Charlottean and a non-profit leader in the area of Health, Education, Arts & Culture, Environment or Human Services (WIF focus areas) or you’ve just moved to the Queen City and are getting to know the philanthropic landscape, your WIF grant vote has the same impact.
Time spent volunteering – Whether you had the opportunity to interview community leaders
and change makers, to visit non-profits and to assess the potential impact of projects this year (all parts of serving on a Grants Committee) or to simply pay your dues, your WIF grant vote has the same impact.

As we prepare to vote on 2015 grants, I’d like to leave you with a few thoughts:

– Every vote cast for a WIF grant is a reflection of each individual member’s life experiences,
passions and beliefs. Your vote matters!

– Thomas Jefferson said: “Information is the currency of democracy.” Grow rich this year by reading the WIF ballot and information related to the grants up for consideration. In order for our democratic process to be strong, we must have informed members who invest time in understanding the information provided and who VOTE.

– Author, Sharon Salzberg said: “Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.” Express yourself and show your commitment to your fellow WIF members and the Charlotte community by voting on the WIF grants ballot.

I appreciate that Women’s Impact Fund values equality and that WIF uses a truly democratic process to select the non-profits to receive grants. One woman, one vote!  Cast yours when the 2015 ballot arrives in your Inbox!