Getting to Know Stephanie Chen

by Suzan Becker

Women’s Impact Fund member Stephanie Chen rarely has a slow or quiet day at work.  She is a pediatric dentist who performs oral procedures for children, from babies to teenagers.

Stephanie is both a small business woman and a dentist.  She grew up in Ohio and received her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She joined a dental practice in Charlotte and eventually opened her own independent office.

When asked about needs in Charlotte, Stephanie immediately points to a health issue she sees almost every day – untreated early dental decay.  She says often parents don’t have the means to get treatment for their children.  Several times a year her work takes her to a free dental clinic for needy patients.

“Some of the children we serve have extensive needs, while some need just a cleaning and some dental sealants,” she explained.  “It is so rewarding to see these children get dental treatment.  My staff volunteers, and there are interpreters at the office.  It’s usually a crazy, busy day but so fulfilling.”

Stephanie has been a member of WIF for a year and a half.  She joined after being invited by a friend to learn more about WIF and says she would like to see more women in the health care field join.

“Several mothers (of my patients) mentioned this group to me, and then when I came to an event, I realized that I knew several members from my practice,” she says.

When she’s not working, where does Stephanie’s personal life take her?  Out West for fly fishing, to some clear blue water for scuba diving, or just into the backyard for bird photography.  She also loves flowers and house plants.

“I’m that person who has a live poinsettia in June!” she says. “My home becomes a jungle if I’m not careful because I save every plant.”