Meet Our 2017-18 Board Chair: 5 Questions for Deborah Majewski

Since becoming a member of the Women’s Impact Fund in 2009, Deborah Majewski has served on five different committees and spent five years on the Board before this year’s stint as Board Chair. Deborah, who has an MBA in Finance and Corporate Accounting, has worked at Bank of America in a variety of roles in the Finance Group since 2003, and before that worked for two other large banks and spent time as a financial services consultant.

The Buffalo, New York, native, who has lived in Charlotte since 1995, sat down with sWIFt to share more about her background, advice for WIF members, and her perfect weekend day.

What have you enjoyed most about the WIF? I’ve served on the following committees: Grants, Finance, Community Impact, Development, and Nominating. This is my 6th year on the Board – I’ve previously served as Treasurer (and Incoming), Grants Chair (and Incoming), and Incoming Board Chair.

It’s tough to choose a favorite part, but if I had to pick three things: 1) The women I’ve met. I am often in awe of the collective knowledge, passion, and success this group of women has. 2) The numerous opportunities I’ve had to learn more about our community, and 3) Interacting with potential grantees as part of the Grants process site visits.

What’s WIF’s biggest challenge in the year ahead? Biggest opportunity? Challenge: Staying focused! There are so many great ideas and suggestions; it’s hard to not want to take action on them all. Opportunity: Learning from our new concepts like the Spark Initiative and the Board Leadership Training Program.

What would our members be surprised to learn about you? I belong to four gyms / exercise programs.  I work out at 5:30 a.m. most mornings, and a variety of workouts helps keep me motivated.

Describe your perfect Saturday. It would be a day with my husband at our the house in the mountains….sleeping in, a leisurely breakfast, a long hike, preparing a nice dinner and having time to appreciate it, and enjoying a sunset on the back deck overlooking the mountains.

What’s your advice for WIF members to get the most out of their WIF experience this year? If your schedule permits, definitely volunteer for a committee! If not, take advantage of opportunities to engage with fellow members whether via a formal event like our upcoming Social Hour for Social Issues on October 2 or more informal events like the periodic Member Mondays.

Read Deborah’s letter to our membership HERE