Membership Guidelines


Each Women’s Impact Fund member commits $1,300/year for five years ($1,000 to our grant fund and an annual fee of $300 to support our programming, education and operations). At the end of the 5 year commitment, we invite members to join the pool of Annual Members. Annual Members pay their dues each year, continuing to support both our grants and our other initiatives, but without a commitment requirement. In all cases, the Women’s Impact Fund uses the grant funds committed each year to make awards to area nonprofits who are addressing emerging issues and critical needs in Charlotte. We are governed by a Board of Directors who are active, committed and experienced community leaders.


The Women’s Impact Fund has 8 committees that any member can elect to join: Audit, Communications, Community Impact, Finance, Grants, Member Education, Membership and Special Events. All members are invited to be as involved as they wish; we have no member participation requirements or time commitments. Every member votes on the proposed grants. The Women’s Impact Fund adds unique quality to the community by:

  1. Making high-impact grants to meet critical community needs in the arts, education, the environment, health and human services
  2. Engaging in proactive, participatory grantmaking, where every member has a voice in how funds are directed
  3. Inspiring philanthropy through direct engagement and education of women
  4. Seeking the expertise and guidance of key community organizations and leaders in our activities
  5. Providing expertise and guidance to the community and to each other through our activities

Nikki Emanuel-Jarrell - Joined in 2014

“I’m incredibly impressed with how WIF gives grants that truly make an impact.”


Debra Wideman - Joined in 2015

“WIF is all about being part of the solution, not the problems.”

Judy Allison - Founding Member in 2003

“It is deeply rewarding to have been involved with WIF since the beginning.  I had a lot of faith we would succeed.  The organization has grown and become so important to our community, and at the same time, WIF has made Charlotte a national leader in women’s collective giving.”

Stephanie Shively Berens - Joined in 2012

When I moved back to Charlotte, I wanted to get involved in something where I could make a positive difference. A colleague recommended looking into women’s philanthropy groups and with a quick web search I found the Women’s Impact Fund. Although I knew no one in the group at first, I immediately felt welcome. Joining has introduced me to some incredible female role models and given me an opportunity to see the impact of giving to inspiring community organizations.”


Women's Impact Fund membership is available all year long. You do not have to wait for an event or be asked to join. Membership is open and inclusive.

Women's Impact Fund - Recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award