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The Women’s Impact Fund is part of a powerful movement in philanthropy today: collective giving. Leverage your charitable dollars and join us in making high impact grants in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. The Women’s Impact Fund is proof that when women unite, incredible things happen. Our organization shows what is possible in local communities when impassioned women share their knowledge, skills and funds for their community. Deeply engaged in learning about the critical needs in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, we’re just as enthusiastic about addressing them and enriching the lives of the people that live here.


Membership is Open!

Any woman who wishes to join this dynamic group can. We place no restrictions on age, professional status, religious affiliation, political views, race, lifestyle, or geography and have no volunteer time requirements.

Membership offers:

• Community impact through our collective resources, collective decision-making and opportunities for direct involvement
• The opportunity to build relationships with other committed women, united in their interest to improve our community
• The chance to develop skills, to mentor and be mentored and to become an informed, experienced philanthropist
• Collaboration with organizations to strengthen our community, enrich lives and make an impact

Whatever the reason you join, you will find that our organization provides a unique opportunity to address the needs of our community, to give back, get informed, be involved, make new friends – and make an impact.

Kailey Izard - Joined in 2014

“Women in WIF speak their minds and encourage others to do the same thing. It’s a ‘yes-and’ organization where people build on one another’s ideas, saying: yes, that’s true, and this also.”

Barbara Holt - Joined in 2013

“It’s the most amazing group of women I’ve ever been involved with. Together, we are making an incredible impact on this community.”

Pamela Harris-Young – Joined in 2012

“My husband and I moved to Charlotte in 2010. After arriving, I had the opportunity to meet some great women who are making a difference in Charlotte because of their volunteer efforts. Since joining the Women’s Impact Fund I have had the chance to make new friends and to be involved in the organization where I know my background and experience can help the organization. If you’re new to Charlotte and want to get involved, this is a great way to get engaged.”

Pam West - Joined in 2003

“It is 2003 and my boss’ wife is having this party to introduce something called the Women’s Impact Fund. I thought it would be “wise” to go. I learned about this great group of women who were joining together to form a women’s philanthropy group that would educate us about the needs of Charlotte and teach us to be more informed givers. Well, ten years later and it has been everything that it was billed to be and more. I now have 400+ Women’s Impact Fund friends and am far better educated as to the needs of our community.”


Women's Impact Fund membership is available all year long. You do not have to wait for an event or be asked to join. Membership is open and inclusive.

Women's Impact Fund - Recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award