Our Top 20 Grants Finalists for 2018

By Anna McClelland

The past five months have been a busy and exciting time for Women’s Impact Fund (WIF) Grants Committee members. The season began in September with research to uncover and understand the issues affecting our community. Next, they reviewed 120 Letters of Inquiry and selected 20 applicants to submit Requests for Proposal (RFPs). Site visits are wrapping up now and in mid-March the full Grants Committee will meet to select the finalists for the full membership vote in April.

The top 20 grant applicants are:


  • Charlotte’s Off Broadway: Professional theatre production of provocative, innovative, contemporary work that explores popular culture, marriage, adult friendships, career successes and failures, and art.
  • Project Art Aid, Inc.: Mobile Art Studio/ Creativity Tech Lab links creativity, mobile technology, and the latest in digital media creation tools to bring opportunity and 21st century skills to a community who are part of the “digital divide”
  • Goodyear Arts/Wall Poems: Supports excellent local artists, providing paid residencies, studio space, community art classes, art shows, and other events
  • Tosco Music: Operating support of a mission that breaks down the barriers between performers and audiences to celebrate the incredible power of music and bringing people together.


  • Heart Math Tutoring: A math tutoring/intervention program which helps elementary school students who are falling behind build foundational math skills and enthusiasm for academics.
  • The Learning Collaborative: Supports a Family School readiness program which prepares at risk children for success in school and prepares parents to become active participants in the school and stronger first teachers to their children.
  • Meck-Ed: Addresses the increasing college and career readiness gaps facing the most vulnerable student populations in CMS. The program provides social navigation services and work-based learning opportunities to Title 1 school juniors and seniors.
  • Charlotte Bilingual Preschool: To remove the educational and social inequities that block opportunities for Charlotte’s Latino students by creating a socio-economically and linguistically integrated preschool classroom


  • Conservation Trust for North Carolina: A youth conservation corps that uses the natural world as a platform to teach young people environmental stewardship, job and life skills, leadership, community service, and personal responsibility.
  • RETI Healthy Homes Program: Addresses the environmental and public health issues related to the lack of energy efficiency and poor indoor air quality in low income homes of Charlotte through access to programs that increase energy efficiency and energy assistance.
  • Sustain Charlotte: To create a new community-based project to build long-term partnerships in support of healthy creeks through a comprehensive guide for neighborhoods and organizations to become environmental stewards of creeks.
  • WFAE 90.7, University Radio Foundation Inc.: To provide for a significant focus on environmental reporting by investing in an environmental journalist and broadcast productions related to regional environmental issues


  • Children’s Hope Alliance: Supports TASK program designed to meet the complex needs of youth who have caused sexual harm utilizing a multi-modal approach to treatment and allowing for the therapy these youths need to break the cycle of abuse.
  • Dilworth Center: Provides affordable and effective treatment services for chemically dependent adolescents and their families while helping structure positive support systems.
  • Hope Haven: Provide a nurse practitioner at the on-site clinic in order to better provide mental, emotional and physical health for the homeless, chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment.
  • Mental Health America of Central Carolinas (MHA): Teaches new supports skills such as crisis prevention skills, self-advocacy, education, vocational opportunities for transitional age youth engaged in the family-focused ParentVOICE program.

Human Services:

  • Ada Jenkins Families and Careers Development Center: Expansion of existing program to increase depth of services being offered to clients to break the cycle of poverty. Services allow families to acquire the basic needs of life: become physically healthy, establish safe and sustainable housing and to acquire the skills to become and remain gainfully employed.
  • The Center for Community Transitions: Serving families who are dealing with the effects of having a loved one incarcerated. Children and families are supported via a multi-faceted, family centered approach addressing mental health, academic achievement and community connectivity.
  • Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund: A mentoring program to support CHA college scholarship recipients, most of whom are first generation college students so that they can successfully manage college challenges, graduate and build a social capital resource network.
  • Charlotte Rescue Mission: A New Program/Venue, Café Rescue, will be a coffee shop/café in uptown Charlotte that will employ graduates of the CRM’s recovery program. The program will focus on providing valuable life skills lessons, confidence and success rate while looking for permanent employment.