Women’s Impact Fund Member Survey: Diving into the Details

By Arrington Mixon

Thank you to those of you who responded to our membership survey conducted between March and June of 2017. The member survey had 171 respondents, representing 36% of our 470 members at the time. Here is what we learned:

We are philanthropic leaders

  • 50% currently serve on a non-profit board – and 40% of that number serve on 3 or more boards
  • Collective philanthropic impact was listed by over half of our survey respondents as the single most important reason they enjoyed being a Women’s Impact Member (WIF) member

We have responded to this by creating a series of non-profit leadership development opportunities in collaboration with the Lee Institute. Based on our response, we believe this is a program that we will be offering regularly in the future.

We are diverse in some ways…

  • 39% are Baby Boomers (1946-1964), 39% are Gen X (1965-1980), 16% are Millennials (1981-2004)
  • About 1/3 work at home or are retired, with the remainder salaried or self-employed

…but less so in others.

  • Only 10% of our survey respondents identified as a person of color
  • Approximately 70% of our members list their address in a relatively tight radius surrounding Fairview and Sharon Roads – and 36% live in the Myers Park, Eastover and Foxcroft neighborhoods

We believe that diversity makes us stronger, providing us important opportunities for learning, understanding, mentorship and growth. Connecting with other community leaders was listed by our survey respondents as the second most important reason enjoyed being a WIF member.

We plan to continue to expand our social, cultural, racial and generational diversity by being even more intentional about the way that we welcome current and prospective members and how we engage in topics relevant to a more diverse audience. Additionally, WIF members recently met with members of the Women’s Intercultural Exchange (WIE) to discuss ways that we could partner and share ideas for increasing diversity in both of our organizations.

As with any survey, the answers received were insightful, but also led to a desire to increase survey participation and learn even more about our members. With that in mind, we will likely conduct another membership survey in the Fall of 2018.

These membership surveys are important. They help us know who we are and where we want to go. They will also help us craft programming that is relevant to our membership and stretch us outside of comfort zones by exposing us to new thoughts and ideas. Please stay tuned for our next member survey – and let us know your thoughts!